Emergency Response Agreement

  • I represent that he / she / they are owners of / or agent for the hereinafter specified property (and /or its contents) and hereby authorize Disaster Response Solutions to make temporary repairs to the specified property, contents, or structure. Located at the address below.

    I hereby authorize Disaster Response Solutions to take the necessary action to secure the Property from further damage in the case of an emergency or aftermath of a storm event / fire / flood damage / etc.

    As your Preferred Response Contractor, all that is needed to get our team started is to call our local office at (570) 909-9541 . For after hour emergency, first contact our Emergency response line at (570)880-7930. A member of our emergency response team will then contact you verifying your request and at the same time obtain a brief description of the Loss. Our team will respond and can be on-site within 2 – 4 hours from the time the initial call was made with our emergency response team. This emergency response agreement is good for the period determined below.

    All initial emergency labor and equipment charges will be Property owner’s responsibility, however we will work with any insurance carrier and will provide them with all the necessary documentation and detailed scope of work to help alleviate any covered loss moneys other than property owner/s deductible, which will be paid directly to Disaster Response Solutions.

    Once our team/s have stopped any further damage, we will perform an assessment of the property and share our results with property owner and the current insurance provider. At this time, all further mitigation work will be performed by Disaster Response Solutions but will be based on an agreed scope of work (labor and materials) provided to both property owner and/or insurance carrier before proceeding with the work.

    The Association/Owner will be responsible to pay all costs as it pertains to the initial emergency response. Please be advised that Disaster Response Solutions will work with your insurance carrier to provide all necessary documentation and support to assist the association in being reimbursed. Upon rendering services, an invoice will be generated for payment. This payment is due within (15) days of its generation.

    By signing this Agreement, Disaster Response Solutions has full authority granted to act on behalf of the property owner(s) in authorizing the work.