Mission / Values

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver exceptional value and exceed our customers’ expectations by providing the utmost quality service; to act with integrity and honesty; and to exemplify high moral standards in a safe and professional work environment that encourages training, teamwork and communication, allowing us to anticipate tomorrow’s opportunities by creative and innovative thinking in our approach to today’s issues.

A company’s values are often the true determinants of its overall success or failure. In any company, the real source of success is the multitude of individual actions, taken by individual team members.

At DRS, we believe that core values and their supporting behaviors will propel our company to higher levels of performance. We believe that by incorporating these values into our business conduct, we will achieve our common goal of a well-organized, profitable, and successful organization.

Core Values

  • Every employee will act with integrity, honesty, and exemplify high moral standards at all times.
  • Our daily services will reflect our very best effort. High Quality work with excellent results is the utmost goal in all work performed.
  • We will strive to understand our customers’ needs and concerns so that we may provide reliable, friendly, and courteous service to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • We will provide an open and professional work environment that encourages training, teamwork, safety and open communication.
  • We will wisely manage client and corporate resources.
  • We will remain creative and innovative in our approach to today’s issues in anticipation of tomorrow’s opportunities.
Going Green

Going Green

Much consideration is given to the environmental impact our actions may have. Realizing the importance of efficiency and conservation and foreseeing the coming changes in our industry, we designated key member of our team as “Green Specialist”.  There for whenever possible, DRS will recycle metals, concrete, and other materials at approved recycling locations or assist customers in a salvage sale. These measures will mitigate landfill waste and in some cases help clients recover some costs. DRS understands that even small effort impacts all. As awareness grows and heavier restrictions are enforced, DRS anticipates greater emphasis will be placed on green initiatives in the disaster recovery industry and we are confident that we are ahead of others in our efforts to contribute to a safer and healthy planet.