Water / Floor Damage

Disaster Response Solutions, IICRC certified crews are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to deploy immediately all over the Scranton, Wilkes Barre , Poconos And surrounding areas in cases of flood and/or water damage because time is of the essence when water or even dampness is present in a structure or its contents. Massive amounts of damage can occur every minute solid materials remain submerged or wet. Almost immediately upon contact, mold and other microbes can become present and begin to degrade almost every solid substance they come in contact with.

DRS crews are dispatched within minutes of your call to assess the damage, create a plan for water extraction and drying, and begin the restoration process. DRS uses the latest state of the art equipment and employs a limitless force of trained professionals to attack the problem and render a solution in as short a time as possible. Not only to stop the damaging effects of water on your property and contents but to assure that there is as little interruption to your life or business as possible. 

A DRS crew deploys within minutes of your call depending on the severity of possible damage occurring. Our specialists, upon arriving at the site, will assess the scope of the problem and instruct the team to begin the water extraction process.

Once the team is deployed on the most immediate needs, the team specialists will dig deeper to find all affected areas using state of the art thermo imaging and moisture detection equipment, ensuring that every inch of the property has been examined for possible damage or harmful dampness.

The affected areas are then given a water category; 1 clean water, 2 gray water or 3 black water. This classification will determine how to proceed in the restoration process and alert the team and building owners of any possible hazardous effects that may be present. This step must occur at the beginning of the process in order to assure the team’s safety as well as the safety of the home or buildings occupants.

The class of water damage is established of which there are four: 1 Slow rate of evaporation, 2 Fast rate of evaporation, 3 Fastest rate of evaporation and 4 Specialty Drying Situations. Determining the class of water damage is an important step, and will determine the amount and type of equipment utilized to dry-down the structure.

The restoration plan is then presented to the client for their approval and sign off. Once approval is given, all traces of water and liquid is extracted from the property. Dry down methods are then employed.

Any and all remaining moisture or dampness is eradicated using a variety of machinery depending on the type and severity of the situation to ensure that any traces of mold or mildew causing bacteria is not allowed to flourish. In order to prevent bacterial growth and speed up the process of drying an application of an antimicrobial is used on affected areas.

DRS specialists inspect and evaluate all property contents that may have incurred water damage. In some cases, the affected contents are determined to be salvageable but they cannot be cleaned and restored on-site. In other instances, contents that weren’t affected must be removed and stored during the water extraction and dehumidification process. Our extraction team will carefully inventory, documented and remove all items marked for pack out and transport them to our safe, secure and monitored facilities for temporary storage and/or cleaning and repair.

The structure and environment are constantly monitored throughout the process to ensure restoration to pre-damage conditions. Carpets and flooring are replaced, and all surfaces are cleaned and dried. When the water damage restoration process is complete, your contents are returned to their original surroundings and final readings are taken to ensure that not one single square inch of possible damage has been overlooked.